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The District has recently implemented a web-based version of Accelerated Reader.  The purpose of the implementation was to provide students with all available quizzes through Accelerated Reader.  Students will no longer be limited to the books in our libraries.


CUESD desires to encourage home-to-school connections and to provide every opportunity for students to be successful.  Accelerated Reader is designed to assist students in building reading comprehension skills.

A major improvement is the Home Connection Portal that is available for parents and student to monitor reading quiz progression. This link allows the parent and student to see the titles of the books that the student has quizzed, how close they are to their reading goal, and it includes a link where you can check to see if there is a quiz available for a specific book.


Once you have entered the Home Connection Portal (above) you will use your student's username and password for Accelerated Reader, giving you access to monitor your student's AR progress. You can even set up an email account to receive instant emails when your student completes a quiz.

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